Trevor played with Phillip Greenlief at IBeam (Brooklyn, NY) on December 11th.

Upcoming gigs:

Thursday Dec. 19th, 20:30 at Barbés, Brooklyn, NY:

THE NEW MELLOW EDWARDS. The New Mellow Edwards is a quartet that defies traditional jazz conventions and favors primal garage rock-derived grooves, textural explorations and classically-influenced structures. The repertoire of the group can be humorous, dark, accessible and abstract, often simultaneously. Led by trombonist Curtis Hasselbring, a veteran of many bands including Golem, Slavic Soul Party and Matt Darriau’s Ballin’ the Jack, the band also features Chris Speed (clarinet and saxophone), Trevor Dunn (bass) and John Hollenbeck(drums).

Darius Jones Quartet tonight!:  


Shapeshifter Lab, NY - December 13th 2013

Shapeshifter Lab, NY – December 13th 2013

Slobber Pup at Shapeshifter Lab video (13/12/2013)

Beautiful photoset by Peter Gannushkin (Downtown Music).



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