Friday, I’m in love

Simply astounding… high quality streaming,  as far as I know available for most corners of the world, which is not that frequent at least for us here in South America, hours of top quality performances from some of my favorite musicians, Zorn’s  unique flow and pulse and taste… I’m SO thankful for having had this amazing opportunity!

THANK YOU John Zorn,  Mike Patton.  Jesse Harris, Sofia Rei,  TREVOR DUNN, Joey Baron, Jamie Saft, Marc Ribot,  John Medeski,  Kenny Wollesen, Cyro Baptista, Ikue Mori, Steve Gosling, Arditti String Quartet, Lisa Bielawa,  Martha Cluver, Melissa Hughes, Abby Fischer, Kirsten Sollek, and everyone else who helped make this possible.

Gracias, maestros!

Osaka bondage!

Osaka bondage!

"Besos de Sangre"

“Besos de Sangre”

moonchild je



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