Impeccable and merciless Tomahawk strikes Buenos Aires

Two quite  accurate adjectives to describe Tomahawk’s performance last night at Microestadio Malvinas Argentinas.

The weather was very rough in Buenos Aires; it had been raining non stop for two days,  which caused quite bad and unprecedent flooding in many areas of the city and suburbs.  hey, we even made the news:

The venue was nevertheless packed, although it was somehow noticeable most of the audience was there for A Perfect Circle. There was still an overall good response to Tomahawk’s set, and of course there were a lot of hardcore “Mondo Patton” enthusiasts who really intensely enjoyed the show 🙂

I will post a link to Facundo Guadagno’s review later today or tomorrow; it will be published by our Chilean oddfellows The Holy Filament.


Most curiously, media photographers were advised that NO PHOTOS were allowed for Tomahawk and APC sets; the photopit was thus only available for the local opening band (Carajo) and then promptly vacated.  Word has it that this was requested by APC’s management only an hour before doors open; needless to say it was very annoying for professional photographers who are appointed weeks in advance by their respective editors and had to get there in such bad weather only to find they were banned from doing their job.  I just had to let that out, sorry 😛 I myself had a photo pass and was expecting to obtain a few good quality shots for this very page. Maybe next time.

Tomahawk’s overall sound was unrelenting, bone-crushing, and Trevor’s sound made my damned pancreas shake. I literally felt my skin shifting at times 😛

So anyway, here’s the local setlist and a few links with reviews (in spanish naturally).

Coward – Flashback – Oddfellows -Stone Letter – Point and click -Birdsong – Rape this day – Capt. midnight – Baby let’s play – Rotgut – Mayday -Laredo.

Facundo & Trevor, rainy day, and monday.

Facundo & Trevor, rainy day, and monday.

Notice handed to photographers upon entering the venue.

Notice handed to photographers upon entering the venue

Some local reviews: (not too accurate setlist information)

there was time for them to taste some TRUE (and dangerous :P) local passion:!/photo.php?fbid=503308686394731&set=a.304763849582550.77543.242569989135270&type=1&theater

Lanús vs Quilmes soccer match, rain and all!

Next show is tomorrow (April 4th)  at Teatro La Cúpula de Parque O’Higgins, Santiago, Chile at 8 pm.

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