How to wrap up a rollercoaster of a year

As mentioned in the previous entry, Trevor will be performing his solo piece (upright) “The Pentagram” on Dec. 14th at 8:00 pm, which will be followed by an Endangered Blood show (10 pm).

EB will also be playing at Shapeshifter Lab (Brooklyn) the following night.

Also on the Endangered Blood front, we learnt from a  very reliable inside source that they will begin recording a new CD (for Skirl, Chris’ Speed label), which is GREAT news and a nice Christmas present for all EB and Trevor fans.  In case you’ve missed it…  (15th on the catalogue, all the others more than worth to check out as well)

A MUST have, promise (listening to “Iris” as I type).

Then on December 20th, a rollercoaster of a year ends with a Darius Jones Quartet  performance at Greenwich House

Trevor will be updating his website pretty soon too

Bet 2013 will be as intense and dynamic, stay tuned.


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