As time went by

I’ve been meaning to post these for some time now and today it’s the perfect day. Well, for me at least and it will also be for you, you’ll see.

I have to say, out of the massive amount of playing he’s done  over the years, his upright solo stuff is my big favorite, I guess being a big “contrabajo” fan has a lot to do with it, hm, yes, and having it so skillfully and originally played by my favorite electric bass player completes the deal.

Here’s something from 1994 (with Ben Goldberg), arco:

Then, from the january  2012 tour with Travis LaPlante

I showed these to a fellow contrabass student (an advanced one even) a few weeks ago and he told me last time we met he’s been playing them as background before he begins his daily practice: “it’s so intense and powerful”. Aww.

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