Reviews Melvins Lite at Montreal’s Theatre Corona

A buddy from a music forum sent me this short and sweet review, kudos and thanks to him.

“It was in Montreal at Theatre Corona, a theatre built when folks still traveled on horses….. amazing sound in that hall… must see more shows in there; As for Dunn , he starts the show with a haunting room filling up-right bass that made my bowels shift for five minutes at least till the boys came out . Many bows and resin were at hand for Dunn dressed up in a little school boy uniform with ankle straps to hold up his socks. Melvins always tight and sounding like a ton of bricks…. best band with dynamics …. No photos too busy listening to the band… kinda like masturbating.”

He had posted this before, which prompted my request:

“Just saw the mighty Melvins Lite version and as always they are amazing !!!!!!! The upright bass of Trevor Dunn made the whole hall shake. What a show …. If you have never seen them , do you’re self a favour before you die with your boots on.”

bows and resin!

From today’s gig in Ottawa:

“The real revelation was stand-up bass player Trevor Dunn, who dropped jazz-style pizzicato solos in unexpected places in counterpoint to the blistering pace set by drummer Dale Crover and Melvins founders Buzz Osborne.”

And in a rare instance where one song didn’t immediately flow into the next, Dunn looped a low, bowed, legato bass line, then sawed away on the upper strings using harmonics to achieve an unearthly skittish wierdness over top”

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