Most searches under Trevor Dunn lead to Melvins Lite related information since yesterday; LOTS of Freak Puke reviews and commentaries on the crazy 50 state tour announcement.

So flipping the page…

Very interesting:

Village Voice interview with Ches Smith

Early though wonderful gig announcement:

John Zorn’s 60th birthday Celebration April 2013

“Saxophonist/composer John  Zorn  celebrates his 60th birthday with three  back-to-back-to-back gigs on April 6 (4, 7 and 10 pm) featuring six of Zorn’s  projects and an A-List of cohorts, including keyboardist John Medeski (Medeski,  Martin and Wood), cellist Erik Friedlander, guitarist Marc Ribot, percussion  master Cyro Baptista, drummer Joey Barron, bassists Trevor Dunn and Greg Cohen,  violinist Mark Feldman, and some of the Twin Cities top improvising musicians.  Program I (4 pm) is titled Game Pieces, with Marc Ribot Solo, Hockey Wet and  Dry/Cobra. Program II (7 pm) features “Radical Jewish Music” with Friedlander  solo, Masada String Trio and Bar Kokhba. The finale at 10 pm,  “Lounge/Noise/Beyond includes Aleph Trio, Moonchild instrumentals, and a Zorn  @60 Blowout. Tickets $20 each set/$18 WAC members or $50/$42 for all  three.”

So I’ve just decided to start buying lotto tickets weekly…

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