Darius Jones tonight at Jazz Standard

Tonight at 7:30 and 9:30 p.m., AUM Fidelity recording artist Darius Jones will celebrate the release of Book Of Mæ’bul (Another Kind Of Sunrise), the third verse in his ongoing Man’ish Boy epic, at Jazz Standard in New York. The critically acclaimed alto saxophonist/composer will be joined by his working quartet featuring pianist Matt Mitchell, bassist Trevor Dunn and drummer Chad Taylor (subbing for Ches Smith).

Like the first two recordings in the series, 2009′s Man’ish Boy (A Raw & Beautiful Thing) and last year’s Big Gurl (Smell My Dream), Book of Mæ’bul relates to a specific segment of what Jones calls the sonic tone poem of his life. This verse, which completes the epic’s backstory, is inspired by the many personal revelations he experienced in the years just before and just after he left home in 2005 to fully pursue his career as a musician in New York.

Since launching his recording career in 2009 with “one of the great jazz debuts of the past decade” (Britt Robson, eMusic.com), Jones has been called “a singular talent” (Brian Morton, Jazz Journal), “one of the most impressive and unique voices of our time” (Troy Collins, AllAboutJazz.com), “one of jazz’s most exciting practitioners” (John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald) and “a skilled composer, a hugely soulful saxophonist, and an assured leader” (François Couture, AllMusic.com).

“Jones’ playing is both searing and drenched in the gospel church, achingly delicate and bubbling with joy,” adds The New York City Jazz Record‘s Clifford Allen. “He gets into areas that are almost impossible to describe, though the feeling is of a gentle roundness and liquid caress both incredibly pure and powerful. Book of Mæ’bul (Another Kind of Sunrise) is an excellently portrayed third chapter—after Man’ish Boy (A Raw and Beautiful Thing) and Big Gurl (Smell My Dream), both on AUM Fidelity—in the odyssey of self-­exploration (and beyond) that is Darius Jones’ music.”

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